Veterans to protest Japan’s refusal to apologize; revisionist textbooks deny war crimes…

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May 7, 2005 by Water Wisdom

American Coalition for Filipino Veterans ^ | 5/5/2005 | Eric Lachica 

Posted on Fri May 06 2005 03:59:27 GMT+0200 (Romance Daylight Time) by MagnusMaximus1

American Coalition for Filipino Veterans, Inc.
Contact: Eric Lachica or Ms. Maurese Owens
CELL: 202 246-1998 or 703 606-8796

May 6 Noon Protest: Japan Ambassador’s No Apology

WASHINGTON, DC – Elderly Filipino American WWII veterans and family survivors will hold a news conference on Friday May 6 at NOON 12:15 PM outside the Japanese Embassy to protest the recent controversial Japanese government approval of junior high school textbooks “whitewashing” the atrocities committed by their military during WWII.

The Japanese Embassy is located at 2520 Massachusetts Avenue NW ( 5 blocks north of DUPONT METRO)

The veteran’ group’s goal is to get written clarification and a sincere apology from the Japan Ambassador for what happened in the Philippines in 1942-45. The Embassy has declined to issue a written reply to their request.

Most Americans and Filipinos are not aware or realize the magnitude of the Manila massacre in February 1945 – exactly 60 years ago when more than 100,000 Filipino civilians were used as human shields by Japanese soldiers during the month-long battle – that is more than 3,000 CIVILIANS were killed per day.

As a comparison, the US atomic bomb attack of August 9, 1945 on the City of Nagasaki killed a total of 70,000 Japanese.

Speakers are:

1) Peter BLANCO II, son a Filipino WWII soldier who died as result of the Bataan Death March in 1942. His mother MAMERTA, six months pregnant, was tortured as a prisoner-of-war and left for dead. She later gave birth to Peter II, who later served during the Vietnam war. He now lives in McLean VA. (See his prepared remarks below)

2) Maj. VALENTIN ILDEFONSO, U.S. Airforce (ret.), 78, a retired medical doctor from Philadelphia and a WWII veteran of the Philippine Scouts. He witnessed and lost several relatives in the Manila Massacre of February 1945.

3) Mrs. JOSEFA MANRIQUEZ, 82, widow of a WWII veteran. She and her 3-month old daughter were held hostage for 14 months in Japanese Camp in an attempt to force the surrender of her husband who leading the Filipino guerrillas in Mountain Province. She was threatened by beheading by Japanese captors.

4) Representative from the Washington Center on Comfort Women and the Truth in World War II Council.


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