China Nervous About Growing India-Japan-US-Australia Alliance

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July 22, 2007 by Water Wisdom


2007-06-27 China has asked India, the United States, Japan and Australia, who are trying to forge a quadripartite format not to go against the global trend and be “open and inclusive” while a Chinese expert believes it would “divide” Asia.

“China believes that to enhance mutual trust, expand cooperation for mutual benefit and win-win, be open and inclusive is the global trend,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang, when asked to comment on the emerging quadripartite relations among the four democratic nations.

All countries should conform to the trend and do more to enhance mutual trust and strengthen cooperation, Qin stressed.

“We have noticed relevant reports,” Qin said without confirming or denying Indian media reports that China has sought an explanation from New Delhi, Washington, Tokyo and Canberra on the purpose of holding the first-ever meeting of senior officials of the four nations on May 24-25 in Manila, the Philippines.

According to media reports, the meeting, held on the sidelines of an ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) session, discussed issues like disaster management, economic cooperation and energy issue. All four countries also agreed to meet again to continue their dialogue.

Qin did not respond whether Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, Dai Bingguo, who is also the Special Representative of China to the India-China boundary negotiations, raise the quadripartite issue during the fourth round of Sino-US Strategic Dialogue with US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte in Washington from June 20 to 21.


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