(Taiwan News) China reports: the US means to set up another NATO in Asia

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August 4, 2010 by Water Wisdom

2010-07-28 04:35 PM

US China Pacific Problems

Associated Press (2010-07-28 15:09:20)

The US is establishing another “NATO” in Asia to contain China as evidenced in the ongoing high-profile naval exercise with South Korea and a perceived intrusion in the SouthChina Sea affairs, noted Chinese media and a number of scholars, according to local news reports.

Despite the joint drill positioned as an explicit warning against North Korea after the sinking of Tian warship, these moves including explicit intervention in Asian affairs underline the US‘s schemes to challenge China for its growing presence in this area, reported quotedChina‘s media reports.

The speculation comes after Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, proposed to include the controversy over the issues of South China Sea into the mechanism of international laws and spoke explicitly about the US stakes in the disputed sea areas.

According to Chinese media reports, the US‘s support for Vietnam in its bids to the Spratly and Paracel islands is meant to threaten China‘s core interests and build a grand strategic alliance surrounding the country.

The US is capitalizing on the contradictions among East Asian countries to form a front against China, said Shih Yongming, a Chinese scholar on international affairs.

The strengthening of Asian military alliance is the US‘s response to a growing regional power, said

Shen Dingli, a scholar of American studies in the Fudan University.

Shen deemed that the US means to take the Tian incident as an opportunity to beef up cooperation with South Korea and Japan since China‘s insistence on “peaceful rise” has nothing to be picked with by the US.

Shen added that China should stick to its path of peaceful development and cement relations with surrounding countries. After all, Shen reminded, the US can hardly include all Asian countries into its confrontation scheme.


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