(SCMP) China’s nationalist left is getting really agitated by criticism of protest violence

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September 21, 2012 by Water Wisdom

John Kennedy Friday, 21 September, 2012, 8:53am


John Kennedy is Canadian, and a longtime resident of southern China. As a veteran member of the Chinese online community, most notably through his six years as a former editor with Global Voices Online, John knows more than is useful about China today but enjoys sharing his findings on Twitter as @feng37 and @28wordslater.

Mao, then and now.Behaviour witnessed in a few incidents accompanying the protests have also stoked fears that Cultural Revolution-style politics might also return.

The way Gary Locke’s car was swarmed, for example, has evoked references to the Boxer Uprising, and the assault of a elderly man by Han Deqiang, a high-profile member of China’s Maoist community this weekfollowed a similar incident in Henan province last week.

These can be explained away by the scale of the crowds alone and the degree of online criticism of the recent violence has far surpassed that seen in previous protests, but for a taste of what’s behind the Cultural Revolution comparisons, here’s just some of what Central University of Nationalities professor and leader among China’s nationalist left, Zhang Hongliang, has written recently on his Sina Weibo account:

Compatriots, if we don’t eliminate the traitors among us, a chaotic war is inevitable! The race traitors are making a commotion, wantonly demonising the anti-Japan protests, and the government of Guangdong has arrested “thugs” from the demonstrations, and throughout the country is conspiracy to falsely slander patriotic scholar Han Deqiang, giving Japan the courage it has long sought. Japanese naval ships and jet fighters have already begun dispatching to the Diaoyu Islands, and Japan has given rise to a wave of persecution of Chinese people. The race traitor culture that has inspired our invaders since the First Opium War is now back. The people of China are in danger! September 20, 12:29

The spread of race traitors will inevitably bring ill fortune upon our people. Russia’s strength comes from Putin, and Putin’s strength comes from the 100,000 Russian youth ready to “defend Russia with their fists”. All the patriotic scholar Han Deqiang has done is smack a race traitor, and is now under rabid attack from all major websites and media. In particular, many verified real-name microblogging race traitors have publicly exposed themselves. China has never lacked in race traitors, but race traitor culture has never been so brazen. September 20, 12:37

Aside from the posters of Chairman Mao which covered the motherland during this glorious September 18 patriotic movement, another major achievement has been that all the race traitors are now exposed. The conditions are now right for a large-scale movement to eliminate race traitors. The patriotic broad masses can now get these race traitors on record to avoid any cases of false charges or injustice as the fifth column is eradicated with precision. By staying firm in our convictions, we will wipe out the race traitor forces among the Chinese people, and become the greatest and most unmatched nation on earth. September 20, 13:31


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