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  1. The Economist: Narrative of an empty space

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    November 30, 2013 by Water Wisdom

    Behind the row over a bunch of Pacific rocks lies the sad, magical history of Okinawa A CLUTCH of five …
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  2. (Sina) Survey of Chinese and Japanese public about Cn-Jp relationship (Chinese version)

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    September 15, 2012 by Water Wisdom

    http://www.sina.com.cn  2012年09月14日18:13 http://news.sina.com.cn/c/t/20120914/181341.shtml 一份连续八年的调查报告,始终着眼于中日两国民间的看法,记录了普通民众对双方关系发展的判断、以及关于对方的情感倾向。今年的调查显示出,双方民间好感度均较低,且都认为“领土问题”是两国关系的最大障碍。

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